Network Engineer Resume

Work Experience

Time Warner Cable, Herndon, VA (August 2007 to Present)
Network Engineer

  • Train new technical staff and contractors; supervise technical team to perform daily operations
  • Executed the EAST Automation and Manual regression testing for numerous SIP/NCS eMTAs (Arris, Motorola, SA, Ambit and Thomson), projects then analyzing and troubleshooting the failures
  • Certified the new eMTAs software and hardware for TWC network and prepared all handoff test reports
  • Create scripts for Ameritec and ran Bulk Call for variety of the SIP / NCS Residential and Commercial eMTAs; analyze and debug the issues found during the Ameritec runs
  • Execute Voice Zone and 3PCC regression testing for SIP MTAs
  • Execute Automation and Manual regression testing for both HiQ and BTS Call Agent and analyze the automation’s result to determine the cause of the failures
  • Tested PRI over DOCSIS for the Commercial Business class
  • Performed SIP endpoint registration and data load test by using the Ixia
  • Upgraded DTFTP rr_bootfiles.lua and verified against all models of the eMTAs in TWC VoIP network
  • Created and executed SER Proxies test strategies, and validated hardware, software, and documentation prior to deployment of the SER Proxies
  • Installed and configured SUN 4100 M2 running Solaris 10 servers using Solaris Network Multipathing
  • Installed and configured open SER Proxy for CID, AIM, MWI, and VMO
  • Configured Big-IP load balancer for SER Proxies, created VLAN on Cisco 3750 for SER Proxies and Big-IP
  • Performed regression testing of SER Proxies, STB Boxes, and AIM server
  • Performed calls simulation and load testing utilizing SIPp scripts
  • Opened tickets and verified bug fixes for the eMTAs and SER Proxy projects.

SunRocket Inc, Vienna, VA (April 2004 to August 2007)
VoIP Network Engineer

  • Designed and documented various test cases and procedures for regression testing new equipment, software and applications
  • Trained and supervised the technical team and staff to perform daily operations
  • Tested the interoperability of SIP ATAs adaptors and Mobile WIFI phones with Sylantro
  • Provided feedback and input to management about SIP ATAs (InnoMedia, Telco system, Sipura, and Linksys Phone Adapter) and Mobile WIFI phones
  • Escalated RFEs, bugs and other high-level break-fix issues to VoIP vendors.
  • Tested and maintained the staging IP telephony architecture to ensure VoIP functionality in production environment for residential market and analyzed VoIP issues with the platform and worked with developers to resolve the problems
  • Resolved complex VoIP issues that were not fixed by the division or Tier I, II, or III engineers
  • Analyzed and tested CDR for Oracle CBRM (Communications Billing and Revenue Management)
  • Analyzed, designed, and documented various test cases and procedures for regression testing of RMS, SER Proxy, DMS, and OPS portal
  • Identified and recommend Routers, Switches and Session Border Controller and associated voice network equipment in support of Product Development concepts.
  • Participated in the installation and configuration of the Cisco Catalyst 6509 with GB Ethernet and OC-3 interfaces and Cisco AS5850 with GB Ethernet and DS3 interfaces

Global Quest Communications/ Vanilla Inc, McLean, VA (September 2001 to February 2004)
VoIP Network Engineer

  • Supervised technical team and staff to perform daily operations
  • Researched and made recommendation for purchasing hardware and software for VoIP network
  • Designed and implemented VoIP Network
  • Installed and configured Cisco 3600 router with Frame relay and dedicated E1
  • Was Responsible for technical implementation of international transmission
  • Installed and configured Lucent EXS 2000
  • Installed and configured Cisco AS5350 VoIP gateway with DS3 interface
  • Installed and configured Clarent VoIP network including gateways with SS7 signaling
  • Installed and configured windows 2000 with active directory
  • Troubleshoot, tested, and maintained the VoIP network

Startec Global Communications, Bethesda, MD (February 2000 to March 2001)
IP Network Engineer

  • Supervised technical team to perform VoIP daily operations
  • Designed, deployed, upgraded and maintained Startec’s VoIP Network
  • Designed, deployed Cisco/Clarent interoperability project, using H.323 protocol with Clarent gatekeeper to collect CDR on Clarent database
  • Configured Routing protocols such as Static routes, RIP, IGRP, BGP and EIGRP
  • Installed and configured SQL sever on NT Platform and created OBDC for Clarent VoIP database
  • Installed and configured Cisco 2500, 2600, 3600, 7500 series
  • Installed and configured Cisco Gateways (AS 5300); VoIP Clarent Gateways to interface with TDM switches and PBX by the use of different line signaling and line coding. (T1, E1, Analog)
  • Installed and configured Clarent, Nuera, Tekdigitel, Gateways and H323 Clarent Gatekeeper
  • Provided VoIP training and usage of applications for Tech. Support team
  • Troubleshoot, tested, and maintained the VoIP network

Lockheed Martin, Washington, DC (December 1998 to February 2000)
Networked Engineer

  • Installed and configured Cisco 2500, 2600 series and Cisco Switches 1900, 2900 series
  • Configured Routing Protocols such as Static routes, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP
  • Installed and configured Novell, NT Server and workstation
  • Configured and troubleshoot TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and NetBeui Protocols
  • Installed SCSI Hard Drive, SCSI CD Writer, ZIP Drive Back Up and Modem
  • Installed and configured laptop with Dock stations
  • Worked on Year 2000 problems and test products to assure year 2000 compliance
  • Worked on standardization of Windows 98 for EPA
  • Trained staff to use new hardware, software, and applications


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

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